How Can I Talk About Instant-Alert to an Aging Parent Without Offending Them?

You’re hesitant to gift a medical alert device to your parents for fear of upsetting them? You want to approach the subject without causing friction in the family?

Health, the Canadian Winter and Fall Prevention Month: 10 Useful Tips

Each year, more than 1 in 5 Canadian seniors fall. Among nearly 7 million elderly people, more than 156 of them fall every hour, which speaks to the importance of Fall Prevention Month. This annual event that lasts throughout the month of November aims to assist and educate seniors and their loved ones in order to prevent as many falls as possible.

Fall Prevention Month: Instant-Alert’s Practical Guide

“All Canadians have a role to play in preventing falls,” reads the Fall Prevention Month website. Every November, participating organizations work to put fall prevention awareness at the forefront.

Save Big on Your Instant-Alert With This Tax Credit!

Aging at home safely is the ideal situation for many seniors. In order to facilitate this, the Government of Quebec is offering an Independent Living Tax Credit for Seniors. This is a measure that allows the reimbursement of essential expenses, including an Instant-Alert subscription.

Physical Activity for Seniors: 8 Ways to Stay Safe and Active

As we get older, it becomes increasingly important to stay active. In the context of COVID-19, how can we ensure that elderly people exercise in a safe environment?

When Concern for an Aging Relative Becomes Too Much

As we all know, the health and safety of our parents become more and more stressful as they get older. Even if your loved ones are still independent enough to live at home, it may be hard for you to have peace of mind. How can we adapt to this situation?